HyStarter II: Municipality of Perl

About the region

The municipality of Perl is located in the district of Merzig-Wadern, directly in the border-free three-country juncture of Germany, Luxembourg and France, in the heart of the greater Saar-Lor-Lux region and in the midst of the four centres of Saarbrücken, Metz, Luxembourg and Trier. In addition to the existing wind turbines (WTs), further WTs are already being planned. A large free-standing photovoltaic plant is in the concrete planning stage, and due its rural structure, the municipality of Perl has sufficient further areas at its disposal. From the renewable energies produced within the municipality of Perl, green hydrogen could be used for the production of green steel at the established steel production sites in in the state of Saarland. An already existing gas pipeline Carling/France – Perl could be used to transport surplus green hydrogen to the Saarbrücken/Lorraine region.

Hydrogen mission of the region

  • Generation of green hydrogen from renewable energies for the production of green steel in the state of Saarland
  • Use of already existing pipeline systems for the transport of green hydrogen to the regions of Saarbrücken and Lorraine
  • Establishment of a hydrogen filling station as a significant expansion of the infrastructure for refuelling fuel cell vehicles
  • Use of waste heat from water electrolysis to heat nearby municipal districts and expansion of corresponding district heating networks for new building areas
  • Supply of public transport and logistics companies (road/shipping) through the construction of an H2 cell plant in the “Wieser Weg” commercial and industrial area
  • Use of a former freight terminal with connection to the rail network for the transshipment of green hydrogen
The HyExperts stakeholders:

Creos Deutschland GmbH – Lhyfe – Infrastrukturentwicklungsgesellschaft Perl mbH & Co. KG – Weber Nies GmbH – IZES gGmbH – Bahnlogistik und Service GmbH – GRTgaz – Ministry of the Environment, Climate, Mobility, Agriculture and Consumer Protection – Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digital Affairs and Energy – Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH – VSE AG – Fixemer Logistics GmbH – Windpark Büschdorf GmbH – Windpark Perl GmbH

Project contact

Laura Gendera
Head of Department, Central and HR Administration
+49 6867 66163

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HyBayern – Grüne Wasserstoffmodellregion

Aufbau eines geschlossenen Kreislaufs aus grüner H2 Erzeugung, -verteilung und -nutzung
Landkreis Landshut, Ebersberg, München
42 Mio. Euro
Durch die Nutzung des grünen Wasserstoffs als Kraftstoff für den Betrieb von 35 neuen Brennstoff­zellen- Bussen, 30 Pkw, Flurförder­zeugen und dem geplanten Wasserstoff-Technologie-Anwender­zentrum werden jährlich bis zu 4.500 Tonnen CO2 Tonnen CO2 eingespart.