HyExperts I:

HyDrive OWL


Aim: Roadmap for the development of a regional hydrogen infrastructure

Duration: 11/19 to 09/21

Project description

The “HyDrive OWL” cooperation project of the districts of Lippe and Minden-Lübbecke and the city of Bielefeld is intended to further promote post-fossil mobility with regionally produced and green hydrogen in the region. The guiding principle of the entire project is the transferability of the project results – that is, the expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure is to be supported. To this end, the entire value chain of green hydrogen is to be considered:

Wind energy and waste-based energy generation facilities serve as energy suppliers for the production of green hydrogen from electrolysers. The focus here is on the production costs of hydrogen by means of different concepts and the consideration of different operator and business models for the production of hydrogen.

In the area of hydrogen storage and distribution, an open technology approach is being developed, which calculates costs depending on the transport distance, quantity and storage technology. Using this model, a quick and reliable evaluation of project environments is possible.

For the filling station infrastructure, nodes are to be defined. These ensure an optimal supply density and accessibility for as many hydrogen consumers as possible. In addition, however, project-related refuelling solutions are also being investigated.

The customer side is an important component of the project. Here in particular, a pronounced, participatory development with the stakeholders is to take place. The focus is on the use of fuel cell vehicles in all vehicle classes. The use of such vehicles will be evaluated on the basis of application examples.
In addition, applications outside the mobility sector will also be considered. For example, the industrial and heating sectors show further great potential for the use of hydrogen.

Overall, the project unites urban and rural structures and offers regional stakeholders the opportunity to participate in the hydrogen infrastructure in OWL through the developed project approaches and the subsequent implementation of concrete measures and investment in the infrastructure.

Project contact

District of Lippe
Dennis Hetmann​

City of Bielefeld
Björn Brodner​

District of Minden-Lübbecke
Gerd Sander-Nather​
g.sander-nather@minden-luebbecke.de ​