HyStarter II: InterFranken special purpose association

About the region

The InterFranken special purpose association (Zweckverband InterFranken) is a municipal alliance of eight cities and municipalities. Members include: Diebach, Dombühl, Feuchtwangen, Schillingsfürst, Schnelldorf, Schopfloch, Wettringen and Wörnitz. InterFranken is located in the west of the Ansbach district at the A6/A7 motorway junction. The special purpose association is planning an 81-hectare intermunicipal, climate-neutral business park with its own motorway and rail connection to shift goods from road to rail. Sustainable perspectives and viable solutions for efficient supply of energy and for the challenges of individual mobility in rural areas, for local public transport and for freight transport with the use of hydrogen technologies are to be found and implemented. The high density for the use of renewable energies (biogas plants, PV open space plants, wind turbines) in the region is an ideal prerequisite for this.

Hydrogen mission of the region

  • Bundling and networking of regional and supra-regional stakeholders from the hydrogen sector with knowledge and technology transfer
  • Establishment of a centre to manage the entire value chain for renewable technologies
  • Establishment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in the region
  • Establishment of a hydrogen filling station at the A6/A7 motorway junction for trucks, buses and trains
  • Attracting companies with an affinity for hydrogen
  • Concepts for the use of hydrogen for efficient energy supply and storage, in heating networks, in local public transport and for freight transport
  • Use of renewable energy sources for hydrogen production (by means of biogas plants, PV open-space plants, wind turbines)
  • Development of a guide for companies to switch from fossil energy sources
The HyExperts stakeholders:

ADAC Nordbayern e.V. – Bayerischer Bauernverband – ENERGIEregion Nürnberg e.V. – Fraunhofer IISB – Diebach municipality – Schnelldorf municipality – Wettringen municipality – Wörnitz municipality – Glaswerke Arnold GmbH & Co. KG – HERZ Transporte-Erdbau GmbH – Ansbach University of Applied Sciences – Feuchtwangen Campus of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences – Weihenstephan- Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences – H-O-T GmbH & Co.KG – Institut für Energietechnik (IfE) GmbH – Ansbach District Office – Markt Dombühl – Markt Schopfloch – N-ERGIE AG – RUF GmbH – Siemens AG – City of Feuchtwangen – City of Schillingsfürst – Stadtwerke Feuchtwangen – Stoll Reisen GmbH & Co. KG – Wiegel GmbH & Co.KG – Energy producers from the region – and many more.

Project contact

Hedwig Schlund
Managing Director, Zweckverband Industrie-/Gewerbepark InterFranken h.schlund@interfranken.de
+49 9868 95 97 589

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