HyStarter II: District of Soest So-H2

About the region

The district of Soest is located in the eastern centre of North Rhine-Westphalia in the administrative district of Arnsberg.
14 municipalities and seven cities belong to this industrially shaped, rural district with about 302,000 inhabitants. The district’s own climate protection concept is currently being updated in a parallel process and is intended to highlight pathways to achieving climate neutrality. A number of free-field photovoltaic plants as well as wind farms are already in operation. The district of Soest is mainly home to the cement and steel industries. These industries are also striving for climate-neutral production by 2045. The Hydrogen Roadmap NRW forecasts a demand of 3 TWh H2 for 2030. A survey by the Soest District Economic Development Agency showed that approx. 88% of the respondents expect the use of green hydrogen to make a major contribution to reducing emissions
in industry.

Hydrogen mission of the region

  • Use of hydrogen as a substitute for natural gas in the cement industry
  • Fuel cell-powered buses of the Ruhr-Lippe regional transport company (RLG – Regionalverkehr Ruhr-Lippe) with a prospective H2 demand of 212 tonnes per year from 2030 onwards, test of one bus has already taken place
  • Construction of a hydrogen filling station in Lippstadt
  • Fuel cell-powered vehicles in freight transport
  • Production of green hydrogen by electrolysis on the basis of existing free-field solar and wind farms
The HyExperts stakeholders:

ENERTRAG SE – ESG – Entsorgungswirtschaft Soest GmbH – HeidelbergCement AG – District of Soest – Kuchenmeister GmbH – MAAS GmbH, City of Lippstadt – Schmidt Energie GmbH & Co. KG – Raiffeisen Westfalen Mitte e.G. – Regionalverkehr Ruhr-Lippe GmbH – SIEPMANN-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG – Stadtwerke Soest GmbH – ThyssenKrupp Rothe Erde GmbH – Thyssengas GmbH – Warsteiner Brauerei Haus Cramer KG – Westnetz GmbH – Westfalen AG – Wirtschaftsförderung Kreis Soest GmbH

Project contact

Frank Hockelmann
District of Soest, Regional Development
+49 2921 302 642

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