HyPerformer I: Hydrogen Model Region Landshut – Munich – Ebersberg

Districts of Landshut, Ebersberg, Munich, City of Landshut

Aim: Establishment of a closed cycle of green H2 production, distribution and use

Project volume: EUR 42 million

Duration: 2020 to 2025

Background to the region

In the HyBayern project, the districts of Landshut, Ebersberg and Munich, together with transport companies, energy suppliers, industry, trade and commerce, intend to implement a closed cycle of green hydrogen production, hydrogen distribution and hydrogen use in emission-free hydrogen vehicle fleets. The project covers an area with around 700,000 inhabitants and is predominantly rural, although the transitions to urban areas are fluid, particularly in the Munich area. The overall project goal is the implementation of a decentralised “green” hydrogen economy in the rural area of the Munich metropolitan region. The focus is on the production of green hydrogen at competitive conditions and in practical application in H2 vehicle fleets. The hydrogen (in the order of 600 to 800 t per year) will be produced CO2-free from the renewable energy sources that are typical for Bavaria: solar energy, hydropower and, in the future, wind power in suitable corridors. For regional H2 production, a large-scale electrolyser with an H2 distribution centre will be built in the direct vicinity of a photovoltaic plant. From there, H2 will be transported to new bus filling stations and, in the future, to other new car and factory filling stations for industrial trucks, existing hydrogen filling stations and the potential hydrogen technology and user centre. A logistics concept with interchangeable trailers will be used.
Two innovative sub-projects with decentralised H2 generation and on-site refuelling from PV electricity are also being implemented.  By using green hydrogen as the fuel for the operation of up to 35 newly procured hydrogen buses and various passenger cars as well as existing vehicles, more than 4,500 tonnes of CO2 will be saved annually. HyBayern will thus become an anchor point for the green hydrogen economy. The planned project budget is currently around €42 million.Project supporters include the districts of Landshut, Munich and Ebersberg, various (medium-sized) companies in the region, municipal utility companies, energy agencies, citizens’ energy cooperatives, associations and universities.
Project contact
Ludwig Götz
HyBayern project coordinator: District of Landshut

HyBayern – Grüne Wasserstoffmodellregion

Aufbau eines geschlossenen Kreislaufs aus grüner H2 Erzeugung, -verteilung und -nutzung
Landkreis Landshut, Ebersberg, München
42 Mio. Euro
Durch die Nutzung des grünen Wasserstoffs als Kraftstoff für den Betrieb von 35 neuen Brennstoff­zellen- Bussen, 30 Pkw, Flurförder­zeugen und dem geplanten Wasserstoff-Technologie-Anwender­zentrum werden jährlich bis zu 4.500 Tonnen CO2 Tonnen CO2 eingespart.